Elixir Creative | Our Process
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Our Process

We believe that when we truly understand you and your goals, we are able to develop a better product.
First Step

Listen & Analyze

We’ve all heard the famous quote about having two ears and one mouth; we believe this applies to design. We start by listening to truly understand and conceptualize your goals. This first step in the process takes into consideration your staff, your audience, your product, your communication style, your mission, and many other components that make you who you are. From there, our team does a creative download and analyzes the data that we have collected about you and starts the pre-creative process which includes potential themes, branding ideas, and design components and styles.

Second Step

Concept & Feedback

After our team has created a visual map of your brand, we put together a few different concepts within each theme or style we identified in the previous step. These concepts take on more of the pre-creative ideas as they continue to go through the internal review process prior to being presented to you as a potential design. Once we feel comfortable with our concepts, we schedule a meeting with you to present numerous design ideas, as well as the thoughts and strategy behind each. As a result, you are able to choose what direction you want to go. During this process, feedback (and again, listening) is a huge component of what we do in order to refine the design so that you get exactly what you are looking for. At this step we will also put together a schedule of costs and timeline of the design all the way to final product.

Third Step

Design & Fine-Tuning

After you and our team have agreed on a concept and direction, we put our designers to work. This is where your brand and design piece really come to life. Whether it be a simple print piece or a complex website, our team ensures that your input is heard throughout the process. As we get closer to completion on your project we upload our designs to our online proofing tool that allows hands-on markup feedback – including circling, highlighting, typing, and other helpful tools. This allows our designers to get instant feedback on the design while keeping costs low. Once we are nearing completion we will schedule a final design meeting to discuss the overall process and present the final design for approval.

Fourth Step

Final Product

Now that the design is complete, our team can take the design and implement it into the products we discussed in the concept phase. It is here that we can supply you with the final creative files for print, or order your products through one of our local or national printers. Because of our partnerships with both local and national companies in a wide array of products, we can offer the best possible prices for printed materials, direct mail services, cloud solutions, t-shirts, and many other products. At the end of the day, we want to give you a product that you’re 100% happy with – from quality of design to the quality of the product.